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visa and relocation
people partner

in Berlin

A full-time in-house global mobility people partner.

Consulting managers and team members about visas, residence permit types and extensions, home search, settling in, and bureaucratic appointments in Berlin.

Freelance Visa

I know how you feel when you get ready for your freelance visa interview - anxious and uncertain. You probably ask yourself 



Am I missing any important document?

What are other criteria that go into consideration?

Will I receive my visa on spot?



It is a nerve-wracking procedure. I have been there, done that. My secret sauce is my years-long experience, countless cases and most importantly the guidance that now turned into my mission.


Together we define strong and weak points of your paperwork  following the official checklist and insider tips from my experience

Your gained confidence encourages you to see your future freelance visa interview clearly

an expat
for expats

Appointment Translation

Ausländerbehörde, Bürgeramt,

Agentur für Arbeit, Schulamt, apartment viewings 



125+ hours in many administrative offices of Berlin translated into

English and Russian



You got a job offer in Berlin and are getting ready for a great move in your life. Still, some questions are puzzling you:

How to search for an apartment in Berlin?

What are the other steps to settle in Berlin?

What if they don't speak English at all?



You’ve read thousands of how-tos but still, a lot of them give you perplexing information and leave you with the mixed feeling. Don’t hesitate and talk to me.

71 people and their families found their homes in Berlin

with my help

get your relocation thoughts in order with my assistance

about me

My name is Maria Lupandina. I'm a language professional from Russia based in Berlin. Back in 2016, I started as a freelance English tutor in Berlin and in some months became a Berlin city coach or relocation consultant. Since then I’ve accumulated a lot of experience in getting a freelance residence permit, flat search, and interviews at Agentur für Arbeit. I've been working with awesome companies and am thankful for all this experience I gained through them. My end customers were mostly IT hires of a fashion company, a fin-tech one (online banking), and a meal-kit company.

Presently, I’m excited to be a global mobility specialist in a fast-growing Berlin start-up, Flink, consulting on visas and relocation, being in direct contact with talent acquisition, new candidates, current employees, and managers.  



“Maria is really professional when it comes to house search or arranging an appointment with the embassy or home office. She also helped me find a house in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin in no time - while I was relocating for my new job in Berlin. I would definitely recommend Maria.” 


—  Tushar Kalra, Head of Display and Programmatic Marketing (Global) at HelloFresh

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