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I know how you feel - anxious and uncertain. You probably ask yourself 



Am I missing any important document?

What are other criteria that go into consideration?

Will I receive my visa on spot?



It is a nerve-wracking procedure. I have been there, done that. My secret sauce is my years-long experience, countless cases and most importantly the guidance that now turned into my mission.

As self-employed or freelancers, we are independent, passionate about our work, but mostly loners. 

Sometimes it can be life-changing to be able to speak to the right person about your upsets, find answers and make sure you do everything correct. Especially when you chasing your dream to live in Berlin. 

In 2016 I got this residence permit myself and since then I’ve been helping fellow-freelancers during their interviews at Ausländerbehörde and seeing them get their visas makes me happy. Because having someone by your side makes us stronger.

We meet for coffee or if you’re not in Berlin, we will chat online.

We go through your paperwork and the official checklist from Ausländerbehörde and see, which papers are missing and develop solutions on how you can get or replace them.

We will arrange your paperwork, set deadlines and priorities. 

I’ll tell where and how the interview happens so that you can picture it and get familiar with the situation beforehand.

You will get proved insider tips about the paperwork and interview. 

You will get a roadmap to organize your application paperwork visually and place important contacts there, such as tax advisers and immigration lawyers.

You will get an overview of your possible expenses, both private and business, and how to present them to Ausländerbehörde.

You will learn the strategy on how to behave at the visa interview and what to answer them.

You get self-organized and encouraged to step into the office with your beautifully prepared folder of papers.

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